Everyday animals in the south fill shelters for many reasons. The south is filled with puppy mills, warm weather where dogs breed year round, and not many spay and neuter restrictions. With our volunteers, we help as many dogs in shelters as we can, while also working on the underlying problem.



Our vision is less animals in shelters, and more awareness of households that you can find the perfect dog in a shelter. Looking for the perfect dog or cat? We can help you!!



We work to find the very best homes for our furry friends. Lucky, our maltese, truly got lucky with his new gig, and found his perfect home. We are so happy his new mom decided to SAVE!

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Looking for the perfect new member of your family? We can help you with that! We will listen to exactly what you need and pair you with the perfect fit for your family.

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Fostering is the single most important thing you can do to assist animals, and it is very important in the chain of assisting animals. At SAVE, we want you to have a wonderful experience. We will place the dog that fits your home’s lifestyle. Just like a family member, your foster dog needs to fit. We try very hard to make sure that fit happens.

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Are you a wiz at social media? Do you like to talk on the phone? How about help at events? There are so many ways we can use your help! There is no help to large or small! We would love to have you!

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Adoptable Pets

Looking for a new addition to your family? Look no further. We've got you covered!



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Team Member

Ariane McClure

Ariane McClure is someone that has loved animals from a young age. She has 4 animals of her own- 2 pomeranians, a maltese mix and a cat named Mr. Cheeks, all rescues. She founded Southern Animal Volunteer Effort to help animals in the south in many ways including prevention awareness and assisting animals that are in need.

Team Member

Rhonda Wilson Thayer

Rhonda was always one of ``those`` kids and loved all animals. She brought every hurt or sick bird, cat, or dog home. Actually, any animal she could hide under her shirt and carry into her room was subject to her bringing in to save. Yep, she even had a skunk for a while. She's had large horses and Great Danes to the tiny little four legged muppets and loved them all. She loves fostering. She feels there is nothing more rewarding then to see a hurt, scared, or just plain thrown away animal, learn they are safe and blossom into the great companion they were always meant to be. They love us unconditionally and she can do no less for them. She is an invaluable part of SAVE.

Team Member

Amy Greenberg



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